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Download “By Your Side” and donate whatever you want

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Dear music friends,


As we find ourselves in the midst of a bizar turn of events I want (and yes, honestly, need) to reach out to you.. As a fulltime artist, it’s been a pretty heartbreaking turn for me and my crew – although I’m well aware that I’m the people who are directly impacted by Covid-19 or have lost loved ones are living through a real nightmare.


Since the outbreak I’ve had to cancel all shows from march until, at least, June 1st – losing a big part of not just the shows but also my moments of joy and connection with you guys – my audience. But aside from the creative, human aspects.. I’m also losing income and the means to keep investing in new music.


In order to survive as an independent artist I find myself trying to A) stay healthy, sane and lighthearted and B) find financial solutions to be able to continue to make music. If you would like to help me see though this strange time, you can donate any chosen amount. And trust me when I say ANYTHING helps so if you just want the download for €1 I’m still grateful. Good to know: there is no label, manager or platform that’ll take a cut so every cent you donate will be used directly to fund my next album, cup of coffee or set of guitar strings.


As a big thank you I’d like to offer my recently recorded cover of By Your Side by Sade as a premium download. You can also watch the video of my live performance here:



I hope you’re healthy, safe and still feel connected to your loved ones in whatever way. Come what may, I’ll be releasing music all through the year and hope to help keep your spirits lifted. Take care of yourself and the ones around you! Big love,