Born on may 22nd, 1990 in Amsterdam, Celine Cairo was raised in a family of devoted music lovers. Ranging from jazz to classical, fado to soul, there was always music in and around the house. She started singing aged 12 and soon picked up the Spanish guitar she got as a present on her 14thbirthday. While learning to play the guitar Celine started writing her own songs, discovering the world of singer/songwriter and pop music – genres she had not heard much growing up.

In 2009 Celine formed an acoustic trio with bass and viola and later expanded her band when she recorded her first produced EP with British artist/producer Fink in 2013. The Follow EP was self-released in 2014 and lead to a nationwide theatre tour, several tv-appearances, a fair amount of airplay and the title Radio 2 Talent. Two years later Celine left for the States to work on new material with producers and writers in New York and Los Angeles. After having met producer Bill Lefler (Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelson) she returned to LA to record what was to become her debut album Free Fall. With her band she played living rooms for two weeks straight so she could afford to bring the band to Los Angeles with her, resulting in the both organic and electronic-sounding album.

In 2016 Free Fall was released on Celine’s co-founded label Hector Records. A slot at Eurosonic/Noorderslag followed, which was the first showcase of Celine’s new 5-piece band and their dynamic acoustic/electronic live sound. The festival lead to two new tours throughout the Netherlands (selling out several venues) and concerts in Brussels, Antwerp, Hamburg that widened her loyal fanbase.

Free Fall has accumulated over 3,5 million streams and was re-recorded with an acoustic, intimate approach in 2017, titled The Hector Sessions. Currently Celine is working on new material (a first single is expected to be released in winter 2019) and writing with and for other artists.

Press (NL)

Harper’s Bazaar: “Dit is misschien wel het mooiste debuutalbum van het jaar”

Lust For Life: * * * * * “Free Fall bundelt pure perfectie in 10 adembenemend mooie songs (…) met afstand de beste zangeres van Nederland”

Plato/Concerto: 8 – “Celine laat horen klaar te zijn voor het grote werk”

Oor: “Dromerige liedjes in een grootse productie; zeer overtuigend”

NRC: “Celine Cairo is een van de namen van 2017”


A Bit Of Pop Music: “She came up with a style that delicately balances the acoustic with the electronic, the folky singer-songwriter elements with unapologetic pop melodies and productions.”

Dansende Beren: “Een knappe jongedame met een wondermooie stem, een Nederlandse boordevol potentieel.”

Music Is My Life: “Her voice is totally spellbinding.”

A City Made By People: “Her musical talent reveals in the warmth and sadness of the songs, but also the power and strength in the harder tunes.”

Wolf in a Suit: “Without noticing you go from spectator to character in the flows of the tunes and melodies.”

Interview Enfait Magazine